The formation of the WPA in 2013 signaled a united direction for contract wine packagers and a shift in the culture of the wine packaging industry.

As individual contract packagers, we recognised the need to use our combined knowledge and expertise in the packaging of wine to assess and study dry good and packaging performances experienced across our businesses.

We meet quarterly to discuss manufacturing capability issues, innovations in packaging and packaging equipment, legal compliance issues, supplier performance, and related industry changes.

The objectives of the WPA are to:

  • establish a cooperative approach to initiate and standardise industry test methods;
  • assist suppliers and manufacturers by providing trials for new initiatives or proposed changes to components of packaging materials;
  • provide reliable and credible information for the wine industry.

If we can be of assistance to anyone in the wine packaging supply chain, please contact us. We’re here to help and welcome your input, inquiries and feedback.

The introduction of our technical Forums has provided a collaborative platform for suppliers, manufacturers, designers and WPA members, to bring our collective wine packaging knowledge and expertise to drive change.  This has been made possible with the ongoing support and sponsorship of our industry partners.


David Hutton


David Hutton, Chair