The intention of contract packagers is always to deliver their customers’ complete expectations in packaging quality and presentation. To achieve this each link in the wine industry supply chain needs to understand the limitations of the products and processes we control.

The inaugural 2015  Pressure Sensitive Label Forum gave rise to lively debate generating actions for future Forums and agreement to:

  • industry standard for measuring sink and bulge –  +/- 0.5mm through the label panel;
  • industry guideline of 3mm emboss/grain free zone around label to allow maximum adhesive contact at the critical label edges to minimise label edge lifting;
  • industry guideline for a minimum neck label height of 18mm with a 15mm varnish free area with a small non-inked area;
  • industry guideline to increase the existing 3mm from end of radius to 5mm from end of radius. This increase to be noted and shown on manufacturers’ bottle drawings.

The 2016 and 2018  Forums continued to deliver WPA case studies and supplier presentations that addressed technical issues, information gaps and technology developments.

Due to Covid-19 our trials and preparations for the next Forum have been delayed. As the situation eases we will continue our focus to:

  • conduct more pressure application trials to provide data for paper manufacturers;
  • develop an industry test method to measure adhesive bonding of labels applied in a commercial bottling environment through collaboration with paper manufacturers;
  • engage University of Adelaide to conduct a study on labelling equipment design focused on application set up. This will be invaluable as an independent resource for manufacturer recommendations.